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Backpack Magnus 65

Product code: 1-BP-144-cw

The backpack was designed together with the 43rd Airborne Regiment Chrudim, where it is widely used. It is also delivered to Slovakia, to the 5th Special Purpose Regiment, Žilina.

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43rd Parachute Regiment Chrudim
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Product information

The backpack is intended for personal gear or material. It is designed as a single chamber with a partition, thanks to which the internal space can be divided into two chambers placed one above the other. The backpack can be unzipped along the entire circumference.

  • There is a pocket at the top of the backpack with a key loop and another smaller mesh pocket
  • Along the entire front part of the backpack is laser-cut MOLLE binding, which allows the backpack to be added with additional pockets and thus increase its capacity
  • The entire inner back of the backpack is Velcro - loop material for easy attachment of the inner pockets. The back section is also equipped with straps for attaching the water bag cover
  • The double bottom of the backpack creates space for placing a raincoat
  • The backpack has removable, padded and anatomically shaped shoulder straps and a waist belt
  • The backpack is equipped with a system for adjusting the size of the backpack carrying system according to the length of the user's back.


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