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Tactic Trek Socks

Product code: TW-128

Cotton socks with anti-slip stretch

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Product information

  • Multifunctional use, ideal for business or trekking shoes
  • High proportion of polypropylene fibre QUICK DRY drains moisture and ensures dryness and comfort in any activity
  • The QUICK DRY thread is braided on the inside and drains sweat from the skin towards the outer, sweat-absorbent layer
  • Lightweight ventilation knit on the instep and shin ensures the maximum permeability
  • The special design of pulling on over the vault prevents the socks moving in shoes
  • Padded foot to dampen foot falling and comfortable wear
  • The front elastic design anatomically shapes the sock that fits perfectly
  • Anatomical pulling on over the ankle prevents sockets from sliding
  • The outer elastic cuff does not cause bruising
  • Fine seams in fingers


Material 40% cotton, 30% viscose, 21% polypropylene, 9% elastane
Size 35-38 / 46-48

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