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Bag with shooter mat for assault rifle

Product code: BG-103

The bag serves to storage and transporting long guns.

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Product information

  • Different types of guns can be stored in the bag. MOLLE single-sided binding, with Velcro straps serving to fastening the barrel and gunstock is placed at shorter ends of the back inner side.
  • Different types of long guns can be attached to the bag using the height shift of the straps with Molle binding.
  • Two platforms of dimensions 26 x 25 cm each with MOLLE binding for attaching the cartridge boxes sewn on the opposite inner side.
  • Three straps with Velcro fasteners of different lengths are available on one platform to attach an additional stuff.
  • Velcro fastener with attached removable padded shooting pad of the size 63 x 83 cm, which is placed in the central part, also serves as a dividing partition inside the bag.
  • Two sewn pockets with side folds are on the outer face side.
  • Pocket of the size 26 x 23 cm is designed to hold stacks of various types. Three pockets are sewn inside the main pocket for a better storage of stacks.
  • Pocket of size 33 x 23 cm is intended for storing documents up to A4 size.
  • The bag has supporting eyelets in the upper central part, which can be joined by means of a Velcro fastener platform.
  • Adjustable carrying strap, which is 26 mm wide and 155 cm long, is sewn in the opposite corners of the bag. A movable shoulder pad with anti-slip adjustment on a bottom side is placed on the strap.


Hmotnost 1,7 kg
Dimensions 91 x 29 x 8 cm
Material Cordura

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