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Pouch 1xHK 417 SL II

Product code: 1-PM-159-fg

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Product information


  • Patented Spring Lock II is a locking system with polyethylene tongue which allows soundless operation.
  • Works flawlessly in sand, mud, deep snow or water.
  • After the marksman gets familiar with Spring Lock II, manipulation becomes reflexive.
  • Does not open while crouching.


  • SNAP GRIP® – Easier opening in gloves, touch identification of pouches with different ammunition.
  • Tight fit of the magazine, low profile and light weight.
  • Folded bottom allows water to drain.
  • Secured by two MOLLE straps with Back-Flip system

Protected by Czech Industrial Patent no. 29598 and 30352.


Hmotnost 70.6 g
Dimensions 17,5 x 9,5 x 4,5 cm
Material Cordura

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